On February 26, 2021, the Delaware Court of Chancery (McCormick, V.C.) issued a memorandum opinion in The Williams Companies Stockholder Litigation enjoining a “poison pill” stockholder rights plan adopted by The Williams Companies, Inc. (“Williams”) in the wake of extreme stock price volatility driven by the double whammy of COVID-19 and the Russia-Saudi Arabia oil price war.  While the pill adopted by the board in this case had unusual features (such as a 5% trigger and a broad “acting in concert” provision), the Court’s decision provides important reminders for boards in considering whether (and when) to adopt a poison pill in the face of a threat to the corporation.  This includes the types of “threats” that will justify the adoption of a pill, and the scope of protections that will be considered a “proportionate” response to those legitimate threats.  Although the Court struck down the pill in this case, that should not prevent boards from considering adoption of a pill in a situation where they are facing an identifiable threat, whether from a potential takeover or activist shareholder, and tailoring the terms of such a pill to the threat posed.

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