Three recently filed shareholder derivative lawsuits contain intentionally provocative allegations that, despite public statements emphasizing the importance of diversity within their respective organizations, the boards and executive management teams of Oracle, Facebook, and Qualcomm remain largely white and male, and have failed to deliver on their commitments to diversity.  While calls to strengthen commitments to diversity at public companies have steadily increased, these complaints go a step further and seek to reshape the boards and executive teams through litigation and hold directors and executive officers personally liable for perceived diversity shortcomings. The plaintiffs will need to overcome a number of hurdles in order to sustain their novel claims.  But the complaints touch upon serious issues at the center of a broader conversation, and the complaints against the Oracle, Facebook, and Qualcomm boards serve as a reminder that stakeholders of companies making public commitments to diversity are increasingly expecting those companies to follow through, and for their boards to focus on diversity and inclusion at all levels within their organizations.  The recent complaints also serve as a reminder that those stakeholders – including stockholders – may pursue litigation in their attempts to hold directors and officers accountable.

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