On Thursday July 10, 2014, the Society of Corporate Secretaries & Governance Professionals hosted a webcast on the topic of SEC Staff Legal Bulletin No. 20 (IM/CF), addressing the proxy voting responsibilities of investment advisers and the availability of exemptions from the federal proxy rules for proxy advisory firms. The guidance follows extensive debate among issuers, institutional investors, proxy advisory firms, advocacy groups and others regarding the role and legal status of proxy advisory firms, and the common request among them that the SEC settle uncertainty about the duties of investment advisers to vote their clients’ proxies.


  • How We Got Here
  • What the Guidance Includes
  • What to Expect Going Forward

The Event was moderated by Stephen L. Brown.

Panelists Included:

An archived version of the webinar has been made available to those unable to attend. To access this webinar, click here.